What Equipment and Kits Use for Your YouTube Videos

Many people ask me what camera I use for more videos, which microphone, what video editing program, where I get music, images, etc.

Instead of answering one by one, I preferred to make this post, so take my answer everyone.

In this video I explain what equipment I use for my YouTube videos, as well as the different options that I recommend, as the case of each.

Therefore, in the video, I speak both basic and economic products and more professional but also more expensive products, so you can choose what suits you.

Below I leave a list with all products mentioned in the video (and others not mentioned).

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List of products and resources to which I referred in the video (and others):

Some of the links below are affiliate.

* Prices may vary.

Those products sold on Amazon, put their links on the Amazon.es store, but if you’re from another country looking for products in the Amazon store your country or in any other store that sold.

The camera

Canon EOS 600D: digital SLR camera 18 Mp (including the EF-S 18-55mm lens f / 3.5) – Price (European version): 424.06 €

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A cheaper alternative is pocket cameras or mobile high-end (if you already have one) to record High Definition (HD).

Pocket camera I use is the Kodak Zi8. This camera is no longer manufactured and is very difficult to obtain. It is best to look for new models of pocket camera brand that you like it. The point is that recording in HD, have microphone input and you can put a tripod. – Approximate price: 150 €

My advice is that once you could buy a digital SLR camera like the Canon (or other you like) that I mention above.

The objectives

These goals are for the Canon camera.

The Canon camera comes with lens EF-S 18-55mm f / 3.5 , unless the buy aimless. This objective is the one I use for my videos of Cities of the World ( for example here ).

Other objectives:

Canon EF 50mm f / 1.4 USM – Price: 334 €

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This is a fairly expensive lens, but it is the one I use for most of my new videos. You can blur the background image while keeping focused on the subject or object ( bokeh effect ).

Although I do not use it, because I use the f / 1.4, there is a much more economic purpose and also will serve to create that blur the background.

Canon EF 50mm f / 1.8 II – Price: 94.95 €

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The remote control

Canon RC-6 Remote Control Canon digital cameras – Price: 16.08 €

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Bag House

If you’re shooting away from home you should have a padded bag and pockets to carry the camera, batteries, memory cards and so on, with comfort and to avoid unnecessary bumps.

Mantona 17939: Can you see me with her in my videos of Cities of the World ( for example here ) – Price: 30.98 €

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Current adapter Canon

If you buy the Canon camera mentioned above, you’ll want to have a power adapter for recording calmly without having to be aware of the battery.

Canon ACK-E8 – Price: 72.89 € (adapters are another brand at a lower price can not talk tothem because I bought and use the Canon brand.).

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Memory card

If you record outdoors you will want to take more than a memory card, if fills a can continue recording. For example, I bought another memory card for my videos of Cities of the World.

32GB SDHC memory card: Transcend TS32GSDHC10 – Price: 16.09 €

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055XPROB Manfrotto Tripod with Ball Head 498RC2 – Price: 234.47 €

You can find the same tripod with other kneecaps and at different prices. I chose this option because it is a robust, simple to use and kneecap that allows many positions for the camera.A great combination with this tripod.

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Bag for Tripod

If you’re shooting outdoors you interested in a bag to carry the tripod comfortably and avoid unnecessary bumps.

Manfrotto MBAG80N – Price: 39.99 €

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The microphone

The microphone is integrated into the camera is not enough. Remember that the sound quality of your videos is even more important than image quality.

Audio-Technica ATR3350: lavalier microphone – Price: 35.95 € (This is the micro that currently use in my videos).

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Another microphone (no tie):

I have not bought and tried this microphone, but is well known and used by youtubers.

Blue Yeti: Microphone (USB) – Price: 106.98 € (It is a USB microphone, but you can also connect to DSLR cameras buying a cable for it [ here explain ]).

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The lights

Day Light Kit 2 bulbs FL 360K 5X 28W (brand Cromalite): Spotlights continuous light 5 lamps of 28 w. daylight (5000º K) and low consumption. It does not generate heat. It includes feet of focus, fluorescent lamps light spiral E27 day and 2 front diffuser – Price: 335 €

Where to buy this product. Follow the link and select your province. Will tell which shops sell Cromalite products.

Amazon sell cheaper similar outbreaks. You can watch them if you want. I, as I have not used it, I can not tell you anything about them.

The Video Editing Program

You can use any video editing program. If you search Google you will find even some that are free. Another option is to use those that are already on your computer, such as iMovie (Mac) or Windows Movie Maker (PC).

While here you I will recommend that as soon as you can, the leap to something more complete. Worth.

ScreenFlow (Mac) – Price:. $ 99 (This is the program that I currently use and I am delighted is easy to use and comes with everything you need to make good putlocker videos to YouTube also allows you to record the computer screen, which is. known as screen captures).

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Camtasia (PC or Mac) – Be sure to take the version of your computer, PC or Mac (if you have a Mac, I recommend ScreenFlow).

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Final Cut Pro (Mac) – Price. 269.99 € (This is one of the most used by youtubers programs is much more complete but also more complex If you are a beginner with this edition I will not recommend it if not.. you are a beginner then you know what suits you).

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The Image Editing Program

It would also be very useful to have an image editing program, if you want to include graphics in your videos and to make custom thumbnails (thumbnails) of your videos.

Photoshop: The best image editing and the most complete – Price: 12.29 € / month

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Pixlr.com: online image editor – Price: Free

>> Go to Pixlr.com.

There are many other image editors, some free and others surcharge, you can search Google.

Music, Sound Effects and Images

For music, sound effects and images, my recommendation is to buy and use music and free images of rights (royalty free). Actually what you buy is a license.

Pond5.com: Music, sound effects, videos, photographs, illustrations, etc.

>> Go to Pond5.com.

Fotolia.com: Photos, illustrations, vectors and videos.

>> Go to Fotolia.com.

BigStockPhoto.com: Photos and Illustrations.

>> Go to BigStockPhoto.com.

iStockPhoto.com: Photos, illustrations, video, audio, etc.

>> Go to iStockPhoto.com.

Some networks , as in my case, make your available music and sound effects of all kinds for you to use in your videos freely. The problem is that if you leave the network lose the right to use that material in your videos. In that case, either you remove this material from your videos (difficult thing if your video is already gone) or remember a license with the owner of the exploitation rights and pay what they ask.

Well, so far the list of products and resources that you can use to your YouTube videos.

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