The best fitness machines for Shops, Company and Home

Are you still thinking of that to have a slender figure needed to sign and go every month to the gym? Stay fit and have fun doing exercise without leaving home with these fitness machines . With them you can lose weight, define your muscles, increase your cardiovascular endurance and strengthen your lung capacity. Inaddition to saving time and money, you conciliarás your work and family life . Here are 7 Super fitness machines that will help you look kind this summer.


stationary bicycle

This bike is ideal for those who want to exercise moderately and solution to stay in shape without leaving home . Training with this exercise bike signature Ultrasport improve your cardiovascular system, increase your lung capacity and will achieve a positive effect on legs, shoulders and back.

Its integrated LCD type screen will inform you precisely the time that you have been exercised, the speed at which you pedaled, the number of calories burned, distance and heart rate. In addition, it has 8 adjustable levels of resistance with full manual for a workout suitable for both beginners and professionals. An advantage of training with this exercise bike is that it can be folded and easily stored .

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Confidence elliptical

Would you like to multiply by five the number of calories burned while walking and exercising in the comfort of your own home? With this elliptical brand of Confidence have it do some physical activity is really simple. This fitness machine enhances low – impact cardiovascular exercise legs, arms, shoulders, hips and buttocks .

Its integrated computer offers up to 4 functions include: distance, speed, time spent and calories burned .The resistance level is adjustable so you can go incrementing as you progress in your training sessions. The – value is good, subject to the ratings of people who have bought.

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rowing machine

Rowing , along with swimming, is one of the most complete sports there . With this machine Body Sculpture you strengthen your cardiovascular system, will lower weight, reduce your stomach and at the same time, strengthen your legs and arms. A perfect fitness tool for those who want to define your body without getting on a drifter or go to a gym.

This rowing machine has several options to work different muscle groups : arms, chest, back, shoulders, back and abdominals. It also includes a DVD in which numerous exercises to train different parts of your body are explained. On the other hand, it has of three levels to regulate the intensity of the disti ntos exercises.Monitors the number of strokes, time spent and approximate calories consumed.

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A tape running to run three or four times a week and well paced , but could reach 16 kilometers per hour. It is quite comfortable, thanks to the silent damping and incorporates powerful integrated motor . Records data on speed, distance, time, calories burned and heart rate, which can be displayed on the console. It has 16 programs, with embedded speakers and is compatible with MP3 players , including the iPod. It is very easy to keep, as it is foldable and has wheels.


suspension training

The suspension training system was designed by the elite troops of the United States to accelerate metabolic processes, improve the stability of the core muscles, flexibility and tone all muscle groups, using your own body weight.

With this toning belt for fitness you can train in your own home, because it allows hook to overload any structure safely, even a closed door , through a smart accessory included. Thanks to the DVD that includes, you can make a variety of cardiovascular workout. It is portable, lightweight, comes with its own bag and is very simple to use.

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suspension training

The multi – gym signature Domyos is specially designed to tone muscles regularly thanks to its unique design, which integrates seamlessly into your home .  Its versatility allows you to make up to 12 different exercises, with a maximum load of 60 kg with which you can strengthen pectorals, trapezius, lats, shoulders, triceps, biceps, thighs and some more muscle groups. Some of the accessories that brings including: bar, grip traction and ankle strap.


building bench

This building bench with adjustable backrest for nine positions is a perfect machine for beginners and advanced users in this discipline fitness. It has an adjustable seat upholstered in three positions, a comfortable backrest foam rollers and high density. Its maximum load is 100 kilograms and is made of a stable steel structure.

As for training options you can work several muscle groups located in arms, abs, back, etc. Along with other fitness equipment, fitness this bank becomes a universal fitness machine that allows training almost all muscle groups. You can buy other fitness items here fit shop.