Starter Kit a beginner blogger

Finding the theme Blog

If we want our blog to be read, it is not just enough to find a subject that excites us but we should also investigate whether there are other people interested in what we write.Thanks to the almighty Google, we can now easily know what people look for , and how it does, visiting Google Trends and Keyword Planner Google . Personally I go occasionally to these pages to try to create my blog entries from what the client – the reader – wants to find.

learning SEO

Perhaps we would like to find our Internet site when they search on Google or any other search engine and it does not hurt to know about SEO before, during and after the launch of our blog . Moz offers a good guide in English SEO for beginners

Creating Blog

The CMS that I use is WordPress and I highly recommend it . There are many more available and believe that each person should look carefully what is the solution that best fits your project. What I think is important is to have your own domain . I usually use my domains at Namecheap .

Adding Analytics and Webmaster Tools

When I start any type of online project, install Google Analytics as soon as I can and add the filtered views of my reports. This is the guide I use to create my view and remove spam Analytics .
Already having my Analytics configured, I link it with Google Webmaster Tools to set my preferred domain (with or without www) and geographical orientation (Colombia in my case).

Graphic material

This point takes me a little because I’m not very good at doing “pretty things”;however, I am with me:

  • Inkscape and Gimp: Free programs to work and edit vectors and images. Good tools for creating ourselves the logos of our projects and other graphic material.
    Fiverr: If you definitely need a more professional logo, may go to this page for someone to do it for me.
    Unsplash: free Photos (use them as you like ) high resolution
    More free images: in Google do a search, I go to the picture section and search Tools -> Use Rights, I choose the “Labeled for reuse with modification” option
    graphic material for our social networks: the headwaters of my social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc.) I like to do in Canva . For publications I also like touse Canva or QuotesCover and now I’m happy with Paul, so quick and easy that you can create content. If I’m with humorous spirit, I get a meme here .

Meme example for Womyads

Social networks

I am not of those who use social networks exotic. I think one will more fixed with the old Facebook and Twitter. If the project warrants it , also open Instagram and Youtube channel that once and I created the page on Google+. PowToon is a tool that has a very good free version to create videos and upload them to our Youtube channel, worth using. Social networks “little known” that I use regularly StumbleUpon and Quora.

To send automatic messages to my followers on Twitter (and other features) useCrowdfire . To schedule my posts on Twitter downloaded TweetDeck but now I use little.

In Facebook I look all groups, for example, seduction and I join. Every time I write an entry in my blog I share in all groups and measure the results in Google Analytics.

Links to my site

To improve positioning in search engines is advisable to have links from other sites to our blog. This is a big deal and you have to learn not to embarrarla for Google does not penalize us if we try to cheat with “bad links” . The subject is so broad that escapes scope of this writing, but here I leave some practices that I used:

  • It is very easy to use: You can quickly create a newspaper with the topic of interest to your community. Win dofollow links.
  • Being a guest blogger: As what I’m doing here.
  • Leave links from our site in forums and comments from other blogs related topics:Use with caution .
  • Send blog to blog directories
  • Make you publish a press release: Somewhat difficult for an independent blogger on a budget.

Analyzing my site and competition

To analyze my site and competition issues and see what I can improve, use the following aids at no cost online: Woorank, OpenSiteExplorer, the Chrome extension Open Seo Stats, Klout, Alexa and BuiltWith.


If it manages to create an interesting community with our efforts, our blog can generate ourself some money. Google Adsense is perhaps the most common way to do this by adding advertising on our website. Womyads is another great alternative if you already have a community and you can consider yourself an Influencer.


“And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you give” , something told the Beatles and this is l a tool that’s served me: Loving the reader always trying tocreate quality content, answering comments on the blog, tweets that mention me, sending me emails, chats my friends on Facebook and generally any other interaction. Please visit seo services bangkok.