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The best fitness machines for Shops, Company and Home

Are you still thinking of that to have a slender figure needed to sign and go every month to the gym? Stay fit and have fun doing exercise without leaving home with these fitness machines . With them you can lose weight, define your muscles, increase your cardiovascular endurance and strengthen your lung capacity. Inaddition to saving time and money, you conciliarás your work and family life . Here are 7 Super fitness machines that will help you look kind this summer.


stationary bicycle

This bike is ideal for those who want to exercise moderately and solution to stay in shape without leaving home . Training with this exercise bike signature Ultrasport improve your cardiovascular system, increase your lung capacity and will achieve a positive effect on legs, shoulders and back.

Its integrated LCD type screen will inform you precisely the time that you have been exercised, the speed at which you pedaled, the number of calories burned, distance and heart rate. In addition, it has 8 adjustable levels of resistance with full manual for a workout suitable for both beginners and professionals. An advantage of training with this exercise bike is that it can be folded and easily stored .

You can buy here the stationary bike Ultrafit Ultrasport


Confidence elliptical

Would you like to multiply by five the number of calories burned while walking and exercising in the comfort of your own home? With this elliptical brand of Confidence have it do some physical activity is really simple. This fitness machine enhances low – impact cardiovascular exercise legs, arms, shoulders, hips and buttocks .

Its integrated computer offers up to 4 functions include: distance, speed, time spent and calories burned .The resistance level is adjustable so you can go incrementing as you progress in your training sessions. The – value is good, subject to the ratings of people who have bought.

You can buy here the elliptical Confidence


rowing machine

Rowing , along with swimming, is one of the most complete sports there . With this machine Body Sculpture you strengthen your cardiovascular system, will lower weight, reduce your stomach and at the same time, strengthen your legs and arms. A perfect fitness tool for those who want to define your body without getting on a drifter or go to a gym.

This rowing machine has several options to work different muscle groups : arms, chest, back, shoulders, back and abdominals. It also includes a DVD in which numerous exercises to train different parts of your body are explained. On the other hand, it has of three levels to regulate the intensity of the disti ntos exercises.Monitors the number of strokes, time spent and approximate calories consumed.

You can buy here the rowing machine Body Sculpture



A tape running to run three or four times a week and well paced , but could reach 16 kilometers per hour. It is quite comfortable, thanks to the silent damping and incorporates powerful integrated motor . Records data on speed, distance, time, calories burned and heart rate, which can be displayed on the console. It has 16 programs, with embedded speakers and is compatible with MP3 players , including the iPod. It is very easy to keep, as it is foldable and has wheels.


suspension training

The suspension training system was designed by the elite troops of the United States to accelerate metabolic processes, improve the stability of the core muscles, flexibility and tone all muscle groups, using your own body weight.

With this toning belt for fitness you can train in your own home, because it allows hook to overload any structure safely, even a closed door , through a smart accessory included. Thanks to the DVD that includes, you can make a variety of cardiovascular workout. It is portable, lightweight, comes with its own bag and is very simple to use.

You can buy here this suspension training system Total Body Sculpture Body


suspension training

The multi – gym signature Domyos is specially designed to tone muscles regularly thanks to its unique design, which integrates seamlessly into your home .  Its versatility allows you to make up to 12 different exercises, with a maximum load of 60 kg with which you can strengthen pectorals, trapezius, lats, shoulders, triceps, biceps, thighs and some more muscle groups. Some of the accessories that brings including: bar, grip traction and ankle strap.


building bench

This building bench with adjustable backrest for nine positions is a perfect machine for beginners and advanced users in this discipline fitness. It has an adjustable seat upholstered in three positions, a comfortable backrest foam rollers and high density. Its maximum load is 100 kilograms and is made of a stable steel structure.

As for training options you can work several muscle groups located in arms, abs, back, etc. Along with other fitness equipment, fitness this bank becomes a universal fitness machine that allows training almost all muscle groups. You can buy other fitness items here fit shop.

Starter Kit a beginner blogger

Finding the theme Blog

If we want our blog to be read, it is not just enough to find a subject that excites us but we should also investigate whether there are other people interested in what we write.Thanks to the almighty Google, we can now easily know what people look for , and how it does, visiting Google Trends and Keyword Planner Google . Personally I go occasionally to these pages to try to create my blog entries from what the client – the reader – wants to find.

learning SEO

Perhaps we would like to find our Internet site when they search on Google or any other search engine and it does not hurt to know about SEO before, during and after the launch of our blog . Moz offers a good guide in English SEO for beginners

Creating Blog

The CMS that I use is WordPress and I highly recommend it . There are many more available and believe that each person should look carefully what is the solution that best fits your project. What I think is important is to have your own domain . I usually use my domains at Namecheap .

Adding Analytics and Webmaster Tools

When I start any type of online project, install Google Analytics as soon as I can and add the filtered views of my reports. This is the guide I use to create my view and remove spam Analytics .
Already having my Analytics configured, I link it with Google Webmaster Tools to set my preferred domain (with or without www) and geographical orientation (Colombia in my case).

Graphic material

This point takes me a little because I’m not very good at doing “pretty things”;however, I am with me:

  • Inkscape and Gimp: Free programs to work and edit vectors and images. Good tools for creating ourselves the logos of our projects and other graphic material.
    Fiverr: If you definitely need a more professional logo, may go to this page for someone to do it for me.
    Unsplash: free Photos (use them as you like ) high resolution
    More free images: in Google do a search, I go to the picture section and search Tools -> Use Rights, I choose the “Labeled for reuse with modification” option
    graphic material for our social networks: the headwaters of my social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc.) I like to do in Canva . For publications I also like touse Canva or QuotesCover and now I’m happy with Paul, so quick and easy that you can create content. If I’m with humorous spirit, I get a meme here .

Meme example for Womyads

Social networks

I am not of those who use social networks exotic. I think one will more fixed with the old Facebook and Twitter. If the project warrants it , also open Instagram and Youtube channel that once and I created the page on Google+. PowToon is a tool that has a very good free version to create videos and upload them to our Youtube channel, worth using. Social networks “little known” that I use regularly StumbleUpon and Quora.

To send automatic messages to my followers on Twitter (and other features) useCrowdfire . To schedule my posts on Twitter downloaded TweetDeck but now I use little.

In Facebook I look all groups, for example, seduction and I join. Every time I write an entry in my blog I share in all groups and measure the results in Google Analytics.

Links to my site

To improve positioning in search engines is advisable to have links from other sites to our blog. This is a big deal and you have to learn not to embarrarla for Google does not penalize us if we try to cheat with “bad links” . The subject is so broad that escapes scope of this writing, but here I leave some practices that I used:

  • Paper.li: It is very easy to use: You can quickly create a newspaper with the topic of interest to your community. Win dofollow links.
  • Being a guest blogger: As what I’m doing here.
  • Leave links from our site in forums and comments from other blogs related topics:Use with caution .
  • Send blog to blog directories
  • Make you publish a press release: Somewhat difficult for an independent blogger on a budget.

Analyzing my site and competition

To analyze my site and competition issues and see what I can improve, use the following aids at no cost online: Woorank, OpenSiteExplorer, the Chrome extension Open Seo Stats, Klout, Alexa and BuiltWith.


If it manages to create an interesting community with our efforts, our blog can generate ourself some money. Google Adsense is perhaps the most common way to do this by adding advertising on our website. Womyads is another great alternative if you already have a community and you can consider yourself an Influencer.


“And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you give” , something told the Beatles and this is l a tool that’s served me: Loving the reader always trying tocreate quality content, answering comments on the blog, tweets that mention me, sending me emails, chats my friends on Facebook and generally any other interaction. Please visit seo services bangkok.

What Equipment and Kits Use for Your YouTube Videos

Many people ask me what camera I use for more videos, which microphone, what video editing program, where I get music, images, etc.

Instead of answering one by one, I preferred to make this post, so take my answer everyone.

In this video I explain what equipment I use for my YouTube videos, as well as the different options that I recommend, as the case of each.

Therefore, in the video, I speak both basic and economic products and more professional but also more expensive products, so you can choose what suits you.

Below I leave a list with all products mentioned in the video (and others not mentioned).

( Click here to view the video on YouTube )

List of products and resources to which I referred in the video (and others):

Some of the links below are affiliate.

* Prices may vary.

Those products sold on Amazon, put their links on the Amazon.es store, but if you’re from another country looking for products in the Amazon store your country or in any other store that sold.

The camera

Canon EOS 600D: digital SLR camera 18 Mp (including the EF-S 18-55mm lens f / 3.5) – Price (European version): 424.06 €

>> Click here to go to the product.

A cheaper alternative is pocket cameras or mobile high-end (if you already have one) to record High Definition (HD).

Pocket camera I use is the Kodak Zi8. This camera is no longer manufactured and is very difficult to obtain. It is best to look for new models of pocket camera brand that you like it. The point is that recording in HD, have microphone input and you can put a tripod. – Approximate price: 150 €

My advice is that once you could buy a digital SLR camera like the Canon (or other you like) that I mention above.

The objectives

These goals are for the Canon camera.

The Canon camera comes with lens EF-S 18-55mm f / 3.5 , unless the buy aimless. This objective is the one I use for my videos of Cities of the World ( for example here ).

Other objectives:

Canon EF 50mm f / 1.4 USM – Price: 334 €

>> Click here to go to the product.

This is a fairly expensive lens, but it is the one I use for most of my new videos. You can blur the background image while keeping focused on the subject or object ( bokeh effect ).

Although I do not use it, because I use the f / 1.4, there is a much more economic purpose and also will serve to create that blur the background.

Canon EF 50mm f / 1.8 II – Price: 94.95 €

>> Click here to go to the product.

The remote control

Canon RC-6 Remote Control Canon digital cameras – Price: 16.08 €

>> Click here to go to the product.

Bag House

If you’re shooting away from home you should have a padded bag and pockets to carry the camera, batteries, memory cards and so on, with comfort and to avoid unnecessary bumps.

Mantona 17939: Can you see me with her in my videos of Cities of the World ( for example here ) – Price: 30.98 €

>> Click here to go to the product.

Current adapter Canon

If you buy the Canon camera mentioned above, you’ll want to have a power adapter for recording calmly without having to be aware of the battery.

Canon ACK-E8 – Price: 72.89 € (adapters are another brand at a lower price can not talk tothem because I bought and use the Canon brand.).

>> Click here to go to the product.

Memory card

If you record outdoors you will want to take more than a memory card, if fills a can continue recording. For example, I bought another memory card for my videos of Cities of the World.

32GB SDHC memory card: Transcend TS32GSDHC10 – Price: 16.09 €

>> Click here to go to the product.


055XPROB Manfrotto Tripod with Ball Head 498RC2 – Price: 234.47 €

You can find the same tripod with other kneecaps and at different prices. I chose this option because it is a robust, simple to use and kneecap that allows many positions for the camera.A great combination with this tripod.

>> Click here to go to the product.

Bag for Tripod

If you’re shooting outdoors you interested in a bag to carry the tripod comfortably and avoid unnecessary bumps.

Manfrotto MBAG80N – Price: 39.99 €

>> Click here to go to the product.

The microphone

The microphone is integrated into the camera is not enough. Remember that the sound quality of your videos is even more important than image quality.

Audio-Technica ATR3350: lavalier microphone – Price: 35.95 € (This is the micro that currently use in my videos).

>> Click here to go to the product.

Another microphone (no tie):

I have not bought and tried this microphone, but is well known and used by youtubers.

Blue Yeti: Microphone (USB) – Price: 106.98 € (It is a USB microphone, but you can also connect to DSLR cameras buying a cable for it [ here explain ]).

>> Click here to go to the product.

The lights

Day Light Kit 2 bulbs FL 360K 5X 28W (brand Cromalite): Spotlights continuous light 5 lamps of 28 w. daylight (5000º K) and low consumption. It does not generate heat. It includes feet of focus, fluorescent lamps light spiral E27 day and 2 front diffuser – Price: 335 €

Where to buy this product. Follow the link and select your province. Will tell which shops sell Cromalite products.

Amazon sell cheaper similar outbreaks. You can watch them if you want. I, as I have not used it, I can not tell you anything about them.

The Video Editing Program

You can use any video editing program. If you search Google you will find even some that are free. Another option is to use those that are already on your computer, such as iMovie (Mac) or Windows Movie Maker (PC).

While here you I will recommend that as soon as you can, the leap to something more complete. Worth.

ScreenFlow (Mac) – Price:. $ 99 (This is the program that I currently use and I am delighted is easy to use and comes with everything you need to make good putlocker videos to YouTube also allows you to record the computer screen, which is. known as screen captures).

>> Click here to go to the product.

Camtasia (PC or Mac) – Be sure to take the version of your computer, PC or Mac (if you have a Mac, I recommend ScreenFlow).

>> Click here to go to the product.

Final Cut Pro (Mac) – Price. 269.99 € (This is one of the most used by youtubers programs is much more complete but also more complex If you are a beginner with this edition I will not recommend it if not.. you are a beginner then you know what suits you).

>> Click here to go to the product.

The Image Editing Program

It would also be very useful to have an image editing program, if you want to include graphics in your videos and to make custom thumbnails (thumbnails) of your videos.

Photoshop: The best image editing and the most complete – Price: 12.29 € / month

>> Click here to go to the product.

Pixlr.com: online image editor – Price: Free

>> Go to Pixlr.com.

There are many other image editors, some free and others surcharge, you can search Google.

Music, Sound Effects and Images

For music, sound effects and images, my recommendation is to buy and use music and free images of rights (royalty free). Actually what you buy is a license.

Pond5.com: Music, sound effects, videos, photographs, illustrations, etc.

>> Go to Pond5.com.

Fotolia.com: Photos, illustrations, vectors and videos.

>> Go to Fotolia.com.

BigStockPhoto.com: Photos and Illustrations.

>> Go to BigStockPhoto.com.

iStockPhoto.com: Photos, illustrations, video, audio, etc.

>> Go to iStockPhoto.com.

Some networks , as in my case, make your available music and sound effects of all kinds for you to use in your videos freely. The problem is that if you leave the network lose the right to use that material in your videos. In that case, either you remove this material from your videos (difficult thing if your video is already gone) or remember a license with the owner of the exploitation rights and pay what they ask.

Well, so far the list of products and resources that you can use to your YouTube videos.

If you have not seen yet, also you are interested in these two videos:

– Getting Started on YouTube

– How to upload a video to YouTube (and do well)

Did you like the video? Then share it with someone you also might like.

Still not you subscribe to my YouTube channel? Click here to subscribe now , so be aware when you post new videos like this.

Survival kit in the “deep web”

Yesterday we published in Engadget “A week on the web deep” , a story about what you can find a user ‘s foot when he gets into Tor and begins to jump from link to link through the “dark net ” that Google not can index.

To close the special, we thought it would be interesting a complementary article with the technical part of the trip. How to access the deep web, how their markets work , I can make it go faster ?, What the hell does Multisig Escrow ? Here’s a guide to this and some tips to avoid getting lost.

Deep Web, darknet and a common clarification

Half of the articles on the web deep starting with the simile of the iceberg and alarmist statement: the ~ 90% of Internet content is not accessible through standard search engines. This part of the network is known as “deep web”, “invisible Internet” or “Internet hidden”.

It is worth mentioning that 90% does not refer to anonymous networks, or the sale of drugs, or child pornography: most of that content are perfectly normal websites thatcan not be indexed by search engine spiders . They could be pages behind a paywallor sites with a “Disallow” in the robots.txt. Much of that web is in deep temporal reality: dynamic pages generated by querying a database, as our bank balance or the weather at Madrid.

Agora Marketplace Logo

To differentiate this from the “dark” side of the network, services and hidden pages that can only be accessed with a proxy, it is often used the name of darknet . It can be said that the darknet is contained in the deep web. Despite the distinction, it is very common to say “deep web” as synonymous with darknet (or complementary “Deepnet” and “dark web”) and in our publications use the terms interchangeably.

How do I access the deep web?

The three most popular networks are anonymous Tor, I2P and Freenet . They allow us to browse websites and hiding behind a pseudo-domain services. Tor ( The Onion Router) is the most widely used and has the largest number of services; despite working through a very complex routing, it is very easy to access it.


The Tor Project, Tor developers offer a Firefox – based browser that connects to Tor without having to configure anything: TorBrowser . If you want to use Tor from another browser, you can connect through the proxy Tor2web . Another option is to install Tails , a Linux distribution that routes all connections through Tor. To test, with TorBrowser is enough.

To learn more about I2P ( Invisible Internet Project ) and Freenet, you can visit the website of its developers: thecommunity I2P and The Freenet Project .

¿Tor is always this slow? Is it normal not load many pages?

Once inside Tor, the first thing we noticed is the slowness. Even if we open genbeta.com, which is on a public server, it takes longer to load than normal our connection. To understand this one must know how the Tor network works , the onion routing type that leads from one node to the next randomly to get where we want.

How it works Tor

It is unbearably slow thanks to the connections we have today, but there is a way to go faster : configuring the proxy to connect to the nodes with higher bandwidth . No javascript, cookies and complex style sheets, some of the services remind the Internet 90: As for the darknet, the problem of slow making it very simple pages are skipped.

Another problem that will soon run into is that many pages do not load darknet, although we have a list of links updated a few months ago. It can be for several reasons: the illegal services of Tor change URL habitulamente , close, close them and sometimes managers shut down servers for a season. There are also servers Clearnet(public network), which block connections from Tor to prevent users who are abusing the anonymity.

So Tor I am 100% anonymous?

No. Tor makes your connection is anonymous and nobody knows where you come from, but your anonymity depends on your usage patterns . If you access your social networks through Tor or use your personal mail, you can relate your connection with your name.


The darknet offers alternative services to communicate through Tor. There are several mail servers: some free as “Mail2Tor” other payment as “Anonmail” and otherfreemium as “SIGAINT”. Chat services are operating on IRC, XMPP and other protocols. And there is also hosting and storage services.

But there are less obvious forms of neglect your privacy.The websites that show active content using applications that might access personal information from your computer: Flash, ActiveX, QuickTime and even JavaScript. So TorBrowser comes with these add- ons disabled, you can disable JavaScript except manually bytyping “about: config” in the address bar.

Where do I find .onion links?

The Hidden Wiki Logo

One of the gateways to the darknet is the hidden wiki , a wiki that serves as a directory to find other Tor hidden services. Like many other “invisible pages”, the Hidden Wiki changes occasionally pseudo-domain, but its current URL can be easily found on Google and in communities like Reddit.

There are other Wikis, which differ from the Hidden Wiki to be more or less restrictive than this regarding child pornography (a problem that divides the darknet, with much of the community pursuing such links). They are the Liberty Wiki, Wiki and You’re All The Uncensored Hidden Wiki. There are also many pages (in and out of deep web ) that are not wikis but maintain an updated list of links “.onion” list .

Torch Logo

Still, this link directories is a very archaic form of surfing the Internet. So the deep web has its own search engines . The two best known are “Torch”, which has indexed sites .onion of all kinds; and “Grams”, which willseek whatever you ask several stores black market (the darknet markets). Then there is the Harry71 bot, a spider web that tracks all the deep web and maintains a list of public bonds, uptime statistics pages.

Related |  Memex is the search engine that DARPA will try to index the Deep Web

I do not understand anything! Jargon deep web

Logo Cebollachan

Newcomer to the deep web, you see facing the same culture shock than any other online community: do not understand the lingo. If 4chan “sauce” means source code auditor and WoW “kek” means that you’re laughing, in the deep web when you receive a “Love Letter” you are in trouble with the law and when you see a link to “Hard Candy “it is that you should avoid opening it. Some definitions of slang usual:

General terms

  • Cipherspace: to refer to any of the anonymous network Tor, I2P, Freenet … and especially dark hiding services.
  • Onionland: the same as above, but specifically for the Tor network.
  • Clearnet: to refer to the normal network, public Internet services. “ClearWeb” is also used.
  • Mariana’s Web: an urban legend created in 4chan on the deepest of the deep web level (hence the reference to the Mariana Trench). According to myth, they are less accessible sites where banned files and worst video sharing.
  • Carding: the theft of credit card data and then sell. Also robberies in general: for example, “carded iPhones” are iPhones stolen.
  • Stats: statistics sellers and buyers to determine their reputation (number of transactions, etc.). Along with essential reviews to reduce the risk of fraud, but falsifiable by shilling .
  • Shilling: “make decoy” in English. Create fake profiles in various web forums deep, as well as Reddit, to speak positively of a salesman and convince potential customers. Also the contrary badmouth the competition.
  • Escrow: “deposit” in English. It means that during the process of the sale, the broker freeze the transaction until the vendor meets your part. If this does not happen, it would happen to a situation of dispute in which arbitrate this middleman (such as PayPal).
  • Stealth: the methods of sellers to camouflage products sent by post.
  • Honeypot: baits FBI and other bailiffs to catch the users involved in illegal activities.
  • Love Letter: official notification that the security forces sent to you by mail when your package confiscated. Many fake sellers send them to their buyers as part of a scam.


  • DNM: of “dark net market”, the black market for deep web. That is, the stores where you can buy stolen or illegal products.
  • BTC: Bitcoin, the currency accepted at any DNM.
  • FE: to “finalize early” when it is possible to bypass the system Escrow to finish before a transaction.
  • LE: of “law enforcement” to refer to judicial bodies besieging illegal web sites of the deep (in the United States, the FBI).
  • CP and JB: see “Hard Candy” and “Jailbait” below.

sensitive terms

Some of these definitions can hurt your sensitivity:

  • Snuff: videos of torture, rape, murder and suicide. Many are urban legends or mounts, but others exist and are distributed in different forums. It is a common termout of the deep web , but this is where it is easier to find these files.
  • Hard Candy: a manual on the Hidden Wiki with this name for child pornography. By extension, it is the expression used to refer to child pornography on other sites, along with “CP” and “fart” (of child porn and pedophilia ).
  • Jailbait: pornography or erotic content lower at puberty or adolescence, sometimes abbreviated as “JB”. Also illegal, but less than the CP pursued by the moderators of communities. For example, in CebollaChan they allow jailbait but not child pornography.
  • Scat fetish: the “eschatological” for videos related to this fetishism.
  • Crush fetish: another fetishism, this illegal, which videos are also shared in the deep web. They are videos that mistreat and kill animals, the exact definition is in Wikipedia .

In DeepDotWeb keep updated a dictionary darknet with these terms and many other to help those starting out in the deep web markets.

How can you run a black market on the Internet?

Interface Agora Marketplace

Seen all there for sale on the deep web , one wonders how they can work shops sale.The black market darknet is supported on four pillars :

1) PGP

Is there any way to be more anonymous than being in a decentralized network and making it almost impossible to track your IP? Yes, encrypting all your communications with PGP , or rather “GPG” -his open source version. It is the preferred drug traffickers, who offer their public key to the user during the transaction method.

In addition, no email is used (most stores only ask you for a password and pin for registration).

2) The Bitcoin

The Bitcoin currency is “legal tender” in the deep web. It is inconfiscable and anonymous money, but even using bitcoins must take many precautions so they can not follow the trail.

The direction in which a user receives a transfer of bitcoins is completely anonymous.The “problem” is that transactions with bitcoins are public. Therefore, around the webs sales have been growing bitcoins laundering services and mixers bitcoins , to make itharder -following transactions blocs- chain can relate your bitcoins to your person.

Bitcoins mixer

How it works BitMixer : basic diagram of a mixer bitcoins

What is a mixer bitcoins? They are companies like BitMixer, BitBlender, Tor Wallet … What they do is just that: mix your bitcoins with others and forward equivalent to the addresses you specify blocks. The fees for these services are a fixed percentage of the total whiten (in the case of Bitmixer, 0.5%). In some stores the deep web, the mixers are integrated into the process.

3) Reputation systems

As with eBay, your reputation as a seller is what gives validity darknet markets.Valuations can be found in the stores themselves in the deep web forums and even on Reddit . Users warn others of scams and leave very full reviews of reliable vendors and their products.

New sellers can enter the market by sending samples ( “samples”) free or at cost price so that buyers can legitimize your feedback .

4) Escrow and Escrow Multisig


Without the Escrow, there would be no way to protect against scams. All major markets offer this service: the money is deposited into the hands of the managers of the store during the purchase process, and does not pass to the seller until the product is shipped to thebuyer. The stores charge a small percentage (about 0.5%) to use Escrow, and a dispute system if there is a problem. Some vendors offer a discount if you skip this mechanism.

The Multi-Signature Escrow (or Multisig) is an alternative in which the buyer ‘s money is held in a Bitcoin address signed by him and by the seller. Thus they are involved which arbitrate over money.

So far my knowledge because I have not dared to buy anything (for obvious reasons), but I leave an interesting read of someone who came to the end of the process: Deep Web Marketplaces Joel Monegro.

And how did you get what you bought?

If the product you buy is physical and tangible, especially if it is illegal, there are several methods to receive them by mail. The easier for people with cold blood, it is ask directly for your home: a Guardian journalist used his own address with a false name and received a few grams of marijuana without problem. Another option is to use a mailbox anonymous mail to collect parcel in person or get it forwarded.

Private Box

And then there are the “methods of discretion” of sellers . There is much secrecy on this subject, but I read fascinating things. For example, the package sent to a post office on behalf of “the holder dollar bill with serial number X”; when you appear there with that ticket, I delivered without problem. Other techniques can be more boring discretion camouflage the package to look like it comes from a well – known store (a carton of Amazon, for example); or hide the illegal product into another object, a classic.

Finally you get the package does not mean that you’ve delivered : there are times when the police know what it contains, but allowed to continue the delivery process to investigate the route of illegal trafficking. This is called CD ( controlled delivery ).

How I can avoid scams?

Say you want to buy something legal: a book on computer security that you only found in the deep web, or something. How to know if the seller is a scammer ? For general suspicion of all that standard does not provide Escrow. If the Escrow is not an option, a search on Google you can get doubts . Reddit is a good place to find alerting users scams.

An interesting reading is Scam scam in Silkroad Jose Andres Noguera, who had a bad experience. Above all remember that there in the deep web much, much scam and you have to think twice.

Can you enter the deep web and see nothing illegal?

Yes, in fact it is easier than it may seem. If parts of a wiki censor child pornography, as All You’re Wiki , avoid those links. Although abundant in the deep web, this crime is very much haunted by Tor community , so you can avoid trouble (just do not click on something to put “hard candy” or “jailbait”). Other keywords to dodge are gore and snuff.

Drug markets often require that you register as a user (if not, may be scam ), so you do not end up in one of these stores if you do not want . And if you’re worried that the government is watching you, you might want to skip the websites of Whistleblowers ( “informants” in English), with confidential documents.


Technology Systems Commercial Internet information is defined as that region of the systems where the technologist is able to analyze, propose, develop and solve problems of computational nature and e-commerce, using techniques and instruments that make use of the ICT, under any available means, to solve problems in various fields of human and technological development such as trade, economy, agribusiness, medicine, academia, research, among others. This program aims to inform and appropriating scientific knowledge and theoretical training for the formation of an innovative and intelligent thinking in solving problems that demand the productive and service sectors in the country.

Training Purposes

Form integral individuals, that address regional, national and global problems in production, research and academic sectors from the point of view professional through information technology and communications and its focus on the design and creation of solutions to create an environment conducive to promoting the development of e-commerce as a generator of business competitiveness, economic growth environment element.

Professional profile 

It is a professional critically, social commitment and comprehensive skills to develop commercial information systems in web environments, exercise control over them and solve problems in a proactive manner, in response to specific needs of the productive sector through technology information and communications, to contribute to the development of organizational productivity, increasing competitiveness and social welfare.


Occupational profile

The  Technologist Commercial Settings Web Services  for its comprehensive training may assume different roles and functions in their own company or in various socio – economic sectors may perform the following functions:

Propose alternative viable solutions to business needs related to information systems for communication, SEO marketing online and management of information through the Internet.

Design information systems and software artifacts that respond to business needs related to communication, marketing and information management, applying quality standards and security protocols.

Encode information systems and software artifacts using different programming languages for web environments taking into account quality standards.

Available computing resources for the implementation of strategies for internal and external communication to promote trade relations, expansion of products and services of the organization through the web.

Implement internet services necessary for the operation of software artifacts used by the organization based on the technical specifications and safety standards.

Ask the procedures for the optimal functioning of information systems, software artifacts and internet services according to established protocols.

Designing and maintaining information systems and software artifacts to market via the web using organizational, legal, ethical and quality standards.

Why study the program?

  • It is a program with high labor projection in any sector of the economy, not only nationally but internationally.
  • Possibility of double degree and continuity of studies with professional cycle.
  • Comfort and ease to study from home or from anywhere, simply having an internet connection and you organize your own study schedule.

The program includes:

  • edge technological infrastructure.
  • technology and online support tutorial.
  • Research group on knowledge management and distance education.
  • qualified faculty and linked to employment and business
  • Existence of the Center for Distance Education to support the academic modality
  • cutting-edge pedagogical model adjusted to international quality standards
  • Training based on job skills
  • By networking technologies
  • New learning environments
  • Using active learning techniques to implement training
  • Virtuality in contents and processes
  • Training by projects
  • Training by propaedeutic cycles:

We have a flexible curriculum and based on the scheme propaedeutic cycles, which allows for continuity in their education and achieve a double degree modules depending on the subjects studied.


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